Awakening Consciousness Day – Ottawa, Feb. 21

Past Futur Life Regressions * QUANTUM Healing * CRYSTAL BOWL Concerts
Extra-Galactic Energy Vibrations * AWAKENING CONSCIOUSNESS

SUNDAY February 21, 2016
10 –9 Byward Market Kinki Lounge Kitchen
41 York Street Ottawa, ON K1N 5S7

Awakening Counsciousness TUNEUP – FACEBOOK
Psychic Salon & DNA TUNEUP – MEETUP

Presentations and Demonstrations:

Crystal Bowl ConcertsHealing
Psychic – Tarot ReadingsGroup Regressions Progressions

JOIN US! Our light workers, wellness practitioners and holistic practitioners are ready for you. Warm, caring, and intuitively tuned into your needs. Feel the buzz and shift into the universal energy of the FIFTH DIMENSION and Awakening Consciousness. Expand your growth in consciousness. You will be amazed.

JOIN ME: Monasoliel Representing the : SSF-IIIHS

IN OTTAWA. TAROT READER, MEDIUM….and much more! Multiple Prize drawings

Stay all day. Only $10

SSF-IIIHS and Awakening Consciousness Day At the SSF-IIIHS International Conference 2016  unity awakening consciousness is to be experienced as a new earthly reality. Love, peace, and harmony will prevail.

Traduction simultanée en français, 12 – 14 août 2016
Traducción simultánea en español, 12 – 14 augusto 2016


Tarologue intuitive et clairvoyante depuis plus de 20 ans. Elle est à la fois une artiste, travailleur de lumière et médium. Aujourd’hui, elle vois un besoin croissant de coaching de vie à travers la complexité de la vie moderne.

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